Age To Enlist In The Army

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Age To Enlist In The Army – 16 is too young for the armed forces

An editorial published in the British Medical Journal cited previous studies by pediatricians Guddi Singh and Reem Abu-Hayyeh of the public health charity Medact, showing “the military service of young men and women”. adolescents cause particular harm to health during this critical period. develop”.

Age To Enlist In The Army

A 2016 study by Medact found that teen soldiers had higher rates of mental health problems than their civilian counterparts and were more likely to abuse alcohol, self-harm or suicidal.

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It has also been suggested that younger recruits have a higher risk of physical injury than older adults and are more likely to be assigned to high-risk frontline roles after the age of 18.

The joint editorial called on the Ministry of Defense (MoD) to “end the recruitment of youth into the armed forces.”

The UK has one of the lowest minimum ages for enlistment in the developed world and is the only country in Europe where 16-year-olds are recruited into the Army, Navy and RAF.

Teens can start the recruitment process between 15 and 7 months old, which will allow them to start training as soon as their 16th birthday.

How Old Is Too Old To Join The Military?

However, the military points out that those under the age of 18 must register with parental consent and cannot serve in combat roles at the front.

According to new report data, 1 in 5 recruits is under the age of 18.

This practice has long come under scrutiny, with critics arguing that under-18s are too young to agree to military service and employers exploiting their weaknesses, especially in disadvantaged communities.

In June last year, The Guardian revealed how the British Army was using targeted ads on Facebook to reach teenagers awaiting graduation.

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Rachel Taylor, director of programs at Child Soldiers International, said at the time that the story was further evidence that the department had “deliberately targeted children at the lowest level of legal recruitment age in order to get filled with those with the lowest education, the least common and the most difficult”. group. to recruit for a military role’.

Most recently, “the decision by the UK military to include a balloon insert in plastic wrap for the February 2019 issue of the official UK Xbox and PlayStation magazines … generated a reaction. extremely hostile,” wrote Associate Professor Nick Robinson. in Politics from the University of Leeds for The Conversation.

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A survey published last July found that three-quarters of Britons think 18 should be the minimum age to join the armed forces. and the maturity of older private soldiers for the job, providing additional responsibility and leadership opportunities. Officers include, from left, a sergeant. Derrick Dodds First Class, … (Image Credit: U.S.) ORIGINAL VIEW

RED STONE AREA, Ala. – While tough economic times can help with hiring, the economy is not what drives Pvt. Dale Langrehr joined the team at the age of 41.

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And with that comes opportunity, a new skill, steady pay, good benefits, and a sense of purpose.

The longtime trucker is now a mobile missile repairman who recently graduated from a personal training course at the School of Electronic and Ammunition Maintenance. He can’t wait to put his new mechanical skills to good use as a soldier stationed in Korea. He hopes to use this skill in the civilian world after completing 4 years of military service.

“I was tired of driving the truck. I wanted a challenge. So I joined the team,” Langrehr said. “I was the oldest person to enter the recruiting station in my hometown (in Northern California). They said I was the first to actually join at my age. It was a good challenge for me. I I wanted to do something completely different. I wanted to see what I could do, I was willing to do it. And I did.”

But before receiving basic training at Fort Sill, Okla., Langrehr had to undergo a thorough physical examination that included an electrocardiogram, which was not mandatory for junior soldiers. In preparation for basic training, Langrehr often runs and lifts weights.

Army Reserve’s Upper Age Limit Raised To 52

His family isn’t so sure he’s joining the force at an age that puts him only a year away from his enlistment deadline – and in most cases he’s a little older than the other privates. at least 22 years old.

“They think I’m a little crazy. But I’m not married and I don’t have kids. So that made it easier for me,” Langrehr said. “My sister thinks it’s great that I’ve gotten over the basics when I’m old.”

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Stationed at Redstone, Langrehr, now 42, actually won the fitness award by scoring 90 or above in all three events – push-ups, sit-ups and running. Although much older than the typical private, he is in excellent physical condition.

And with age, experience and a greater sense of responsibility, which he hopes will work in his favor. He has 17 years of experience working in sheet metal workshops, in logging camps and warehouses, and driving cement trucks.

Army Pfc. Paul Henry, 42, Was A Car Salesman Before He Decided To Enlist In The

“I know I’m not as young as others. But I feel like I have a lot more to offer,” he said. “I know I’m more responsible than some kids who like to drink and party. I don’t like that anymore. I like framework and discipline.”

“I get a lot of old jokes. But I just consider it an older person who wants to join in.

After many years as a civilian employee, Langrehr said expectations were a bit overwhelming at first.

“There are a lot of rules. But I understand because the platoon sergeants work with a lot of young men,” he said.

Would Lowering The Age Of Recruitment Fix The Military’s Recruiting Worries?

Here, the maximum age limit for recruits is 42, up from 35 in 2006. 35 years in the Navy, 28 in the Marines and 27 in the Air Force.

Retired Sergeant Major said: “There is really no problem with an older recruit. John Towers, Mission and Marketing Analyst, 2nd Recruit Brigade, based at Arsenal. “Everybody can serve. Everyone can always find something to do.”

“The older hires have a level of maturity that we don’t often see in 18, 19 and 20 year olds, or even college graduates.”

Still, even in a slowing economy, most recruits are between the ages of 18 and 25. Towers says those over 25 are only a small percentage of all recruits.

Russia Moves To Drop Military Service Age Limit After Ukraine Setbacks

“The economy is squeezing the aging workforce, but it’s not having as much of an impact as you might think,” he said. “Older people are not attracted to the military because they are more stable and have other options. Many times the older recruits are serving first and they want to come back.”

There are older recruits who, even though they have careers, still join the army because that’s what they’ve always wanted to do.

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“For these older recruits, the military is a bigger challenge. They feel they have to. Maybe they feel it because they want to serve their country in a patriotic way. Or they see it as that. It’s a community obligation.” Tower said.

“Older recruits often already have spouses and children,” says Towers. “When we talk about benefits, we have to talk about the family. Taking care of the family is the most important thing for them.”

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According to Towers, they can afford to select older recruits, especially in the South Central US (Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico) and the US Southeast, where there are consistently high numbers of recruits. head.

The military hires about 300,000 recruits each year to maintain a force of 2.26 million soldiers, sailors, pilots and marines. In 2008, the company employed more than 80,000 people. While the target was 65,000 in fiscal 2009, the reality was 70,045, according to the Pentagon report.

“The entire Recruit Command is doing well now,” he said. “In mid-August we may have to reduce our monthly duty as we are nearing our year-end strength. Final strength is set by Congress and measured on October 1. When As we get closer to the date of this year, we’re more selective with our rookies.”

At Bravo Company, platoon sergeants can see the difference senior privates make in their platoon. But they don’t have to be Langrehr, 42, to be among the unit’s adult soldiers.

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“If they come in and they’re in their early to mid-30s, we consider them older,” Sgt. Chris Patterson, First Class said. “That’s because we (officers of the company) are already at this age and have reached the end of our careers.

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