Can An Interior Designer Become An Architect

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Can An Interior Designer Become An Architect

Do you know the difference between an architect and an architectural technologist? The path to becoming a registered architect is complex and there are various ways to achieve it.

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Architecture is a safe profession. In New Zealand you cannot legally call yourself an architect unless you are registered with the New Zealand Board of Registered Architects (NZRAB).

Five years of study and more than three years of professional experience are required before you can register as an architect.

To complete the study part of registration with the NZRAB you need a three-year Bachelor of Architecture (or equivalent) and a two-year Master of Architecture (Professional).

From 2023 we offer the Master of Architecture (Professional) – this program is still subject to final approval and we will add more detailed information as soon as possible.

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Offered for the first time in a South Island location, this program will enable you to develop an advanced knowledge of New Zealand’s complex architectural and heritage design opportunities. You will embark on a major research project and discover what it takes to collaboratively create architectural works that promote ethical and sustainable practices.

You will also have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of electives and 480 hours of work experience giving you valuable insight and industry experience.

It is now an international standard. A five-year bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering had the same results as the current master’s degree. But in 1999 the European Ministers of Education signed the Bologna Declaration to standardize diplomas and make them consistent across countries.

The three-year bachelor + two-year master tertiary pathway is now common in 48 countries around the world.

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New Zealand joined the board in 2007. This means that our qualifications are understood internationally, which is good news when you want to study and work in another country – especially when you are in a protected profession.

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Our degree allows you to work in two specialties: architectural technology and interior architecture. But what do they mean?

An architectural technologist is a design expert with knowledge of construction science, engineering and project management. They are the channel that conveys the architect’s vision into the reality of construction. It is a career in itself or the first part of the higher education required to become an architect. This is different from an architectural technician (draftsman) who works on the detailed aspects of a project.

An interior architect designs the interior of a building. They create the look, feel, experience and environment of a space, account access, services and building systems. You can see their works in theaters, offices, restaurants, urban buildings, shopping centers and luxury homes. This is different from an interior designer who plans on colors, fabrics and furniture placement.

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If you want to know more about what we offer or want some guidance, we are here to help. Feel free to talk to us directly about any questions you may have.

Otago Polytechnic is a business unit of Te Pukeng – New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology Learn more. Every building tells a story, a story built into its walls, a story told by its originators. Such stories are created by the intricate work of both architects and interior designers.

Such people work in harmony with each other to make the building and its interior spaces functional, pleasant and attractive. They create space in our environment that affects our psyche and well-being.

Since both architects and interior designers have a similar job profile that includes design, people often get confused between these overlapping professions. For example, an architect designs the structure of a building, while an interior designer designs what is inside the building.

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So, before jumping into any of these businesses, you should know the difference between them. I will walk you through all these differences one by one and also discuss how you can build a career in either of these fields.

Spaces designed to perfection with a delicate balance between planning and execution are the work of an architect. They create new, colorful, interesting, creative spaces that brighten up our surroundings and prevent boredom.

An architect is a person who designs, inspects and supervises the construction of buildings. He/she creates a structure in a given space that is both functional and pleasing to the eye. All the details on the exterior of the building are the work of the architect.

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They also plan the basic structure of the building, including rooms, kitchen, dining room, garden accommodation, and ensure that they are provided with adequate space according to the client’s requirements.

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After the building is constructed, the interior designer is responsible for furnishing the empty spaces inside the building. As the name suggests, these people design the interior of the place and beautify the place internally according to the purpose for which it will be used.

For example, if they are given a house project, they decide which sofas to place in the living room, which curtains will go well with the sofa, what color scheme should be followed in the house, if any joinery is required. Where different furniture items should be placed, which pictures will enhance the look of the house, which accessories like curtains, clocks, vases etc. The room needs to be balanced.

So, as you can see, the work of architects and interior designers is very different. Now let’s see the details of their differences one by one.

These two professions differ based on their training, what they focus on, and what they design, as follows:

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For example, interior designers create hospital rooms that influence the patient’s psyche and promote faster healing, such as calming/healing colors, room lighting, movement, plenty of windows and natural views. Similarly, they create spaces that encourage better learning in educational institutions.

Now that we’ve got an explanation of how these two professions differ, let’s take a look at the path you should take to become an architect or interior designer.

Some of the top institutions offering architecture courses recognized by COA (Council of Architecture of India) and AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) are School of Planning and Architecture (New Delhi), Sir GJ College of Architecture (Mumbai), Indian Institute. Institute of Technology (Rikka, Kharagpur), Birla Institute of Technology (Mysra), Center for Environmental Planning and Technology (Ahmedabad) etc.

If you are still wondering whether interior design is the right career choice for you, or need help choosing the right program/college, you should join our “Virtual Internship Program” in Interior Design and Qualifications and certifications must be obtained.

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Some of the leading interior design institutes include: National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad), Sai School of Interior Design (New Delhi), Center for Environmental Planning and Technology (Ahmedabad), Sir JJ School of Art (Mumbai), National Institute of Fashion. Design (multiple locations) etc.

So where do you think you fit in? Interior design or architecture? If you think you have the skills to design spaces and fill the blanks with your creativity, take the plunge and let our career coaches help you find your perfect career.

Still a little confused between the two? If so, you can join our ‘Virtual Internship Program’ in Architecture and get more skills and certifications to clear your career doubts.

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Get everything you need to choose the right career – just in our weekly newsletter. No spam, only useful emails. Interior design has an ebb and flow that is constantly changing with the world around us. Because interiority is a process. It’s constantly evolving – from creating a mood board to fixing the last light bulb, the space planning and interior design process requires constant care and attention.

Becoming an interior designer is a rewarding career that balances creativity and utility to serve others. Interior designers shape beautiful and practical home designs, providing keys to clients’ problems and fulfilling their needs.

In this process, designers need to change plans, find alternative materials, and find solutions to new problems in the project. Provide satisfaction and assurance to the client at all times.

Such flexibility and quick, critical thinking requires deep commitment and hard work. Interior designers who pursue this career have a degree in interior design or architecture.

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