Cara Membuat Blog Di Google

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Cara Membuat Blog Di Google – To create a simple blog, you don’t even need to have coding or programming skills because there are already platforms like WordPress or Blogspot that anyone can use for free.

Although it is often said to be out of date, the fact is that blogs are still quite effective in supporting promotional activities. You do not believe?

Cara Membuat Blog Di Google

You can prove it for yourself by following step by step how to create a blog which is discussed in detail in this special edition blog article for fans of the following Blogspot platform.

Cara Menambahkan Meta Deskripsi Artikel Blog Di Google Search

1. The first thing you need to prepare if you want to create a blog on Blogspot / is a Gmail account. Register for a Gmail account if you don’t already have one.

4.You will be directed to Login. This is the reason why, in the first step, you must have a Gmail account. Log in using your respective Gmail account information.

6. Then fill in the blog address (URL) that will be used as a domain. For example, “andynugblog” then your blog will have an address at

8. Congratulations! Your blog is finished and accessible at the URL address entered in step 6.

Cara Membuat Blog Di Blogger (blogspot) Terbaru 2021

The next step is to start writing article posts, tweaking the appearance of the homepage or optimizing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

There are several tricks that novice bloggers can use to make their website more attractive to visitors.

This time, for the 2020 version, Blogspot even added several new themes with a modern and minimalist genre to stay relevant amidst the changing times.

For example, like supporting more Google Adsense ad spaces, SEO Friendly, faster loading speeds, etc.

Cara Membuat Blog Sendiri Dan Di Blogger Dengan Mudah

Who said blogs only need writing? Blogs can be filled with images or short videos embedded from video-on-demand services like Vimeo or YouTube.

So, to make your blog more attractive, one of the tricks is to optimize the use of images in each post.

Images included may be in the form of illustrations, screenshots or graphic designs, not necessarily in the form of action shots.

Some tips from , use a balanced comparison of photos and text so readers don’t easily get bored of the content we write.

Cara Membuat Blog WordPress Seo Friendly

Examples of commonly used widgets to beautify blogs in 2020 are popular posts, latest posts, social media links, author profile widgets, email subscribers widgets, community banners, etc.

Ideally, the position of the widgets, which are stacked extending downwards, does not exceed the length of the post, so that the website looks more elegant and professional.

Blogs and websites are like brands we build in the digital world. So try to have a blog logo so that your website is easier for readers to remember.

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You can read in the previously published blog article: 14 Online Logo Creator Networks to Improve Appearance.

Cara Membuat Blog Keren Untuk Menghasilkan Cuan

The last tip you can use to spruce up your blog is to change your default blog address to be shorter and easier to remember.

After that, you can buy cheap domains at rental prices starting from IDR 14,000 to IDR 250,000 per year.

By having a TLD domain, your website or blog will not only look more attractive but also more professional and have the potential to rank first on the Google search engine page.

Creating a blog is easy and can be done by anyone, but surely each run will yield different jobs, depending on your commitment.

Cara Membuat Blog Gratis Bagi Pemula

Don’t forget to click share if you find this content useful. In addition, you can also leave criticisms, suggestions or questions in the comments column Create a blog on the Google site – New to the Google site? Or did you just hear about it? Even though Google’s own website has been around for a while, you know. Creating blogs and sites on Google Sites is surprisingly easy, even for beginners. For those of you who are already experts, jump in first.

Google Site is a Google tool that you can use to create a blog or website. The way it works is very simple and easy, you don’t need to understand HTML or any coding. For those who want to learn how to create their own website or blog, follow the tutorial on how to create a blog on Google website below.

Google Site is a tool or tools by Google to create personal or business blogs/websites. You can develop a Google website according to your own wishes. So for beginners who want to learn how to blog. Google website is a very accurate and easy to create tool.Google website advantages

The Google site is also very suitable to be applied in schools. Because the Google site is easier to use than using blogspot or blogger, although both are completely free. How to Create a Blog and Website on Google Site.

Contoh Blog Pribadi Inspiratif Untuk Jadi Blogger Pemula!

For the first step to create a free blog on Google website, you must have a Google account. For more details, see the guide below. Start blogging on Google Site

Please open the page, then it will have more or less a screen like above picture. Just select the Getting started with your first website – Creating a blog on Google Sites article

Select or enter the name of the blog you will create in the Site Document Name column. For example, the website I created is My Diary. Add Logo – Create a Blog on Google Sites

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To add a logo, you just need to upload an image at the bottom of your blog or website name. Please upload blog/website logo as per your wishes Create Google Website Homepage – Create Blog on Google Website

Cara Mendaftarkan Blog Ke Google Webmaster Tools

You are on the Google home page, edit it according to your wishes and needs. For example, I made the main heading “Notes”.

At this stage, you can edit the header background by selecting an image and changing the caption type. Several types of headers that you can use are covers, large banners, banners and special titles.

To add text to a blog on the Google website, you can add it by selecting the Insert menu on the side of your blog and then selecting Text Box. Feel free to write whatever you want that will be read when your blog is accessed or as the homepage.

After adding some text, you can also add images to your blog so that it doesn’t look boring. Select Insert, then select Image and upload the image as you wish.

Panduan Cara Membuat Blog Gratis Dan Bisa Menghasilkan Uang

Once the image is loaded in the text, you can change the size of the image, if you want to make it bigger or smaller, just drag the corner of the image.

You can change the background of your writing, using your own image or using one provided by Google.

Also, you can copy the section box and remove it completely. Adding a footer – Create a blog on Google Site

Lastly, you can add a footer or footnote to your writing by pressing the Footer button below. Create other pages on Google Site – Create a blog on Google Site

Cara Membuat Blog Pribadi Keren Gratis Di Blogger

To create other pages on Google website, the method is very easy. You just need to select a page and click on the (+) sign as shown in the image. Choose the page you want to show, New Link or Page. For example, I created a new page called “Hobbies”.

You can edit this new page like this or according to the homepage you created. However, it would be nice if you could distinguish one page from another. Menus on Google Site – Create a Blog on Google Site

To get to know a Google site better, you should be familiar with some of the sidebar menus in your blog’s text editor. Here are some explanations.

In this section, as I explained above, it is useful to add new pages or subpages. Feel free to add a new page or subpage as per your needs.

Cara Memasang Google Maps Di Website Atau Blog

Of course you want to be proud of your writing for others, right? You can publish your website or blog on the internet. Follow the method below.

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2. Please fill in the desired email address. Then check the box that says “Ask search engines not to show my site” to show privately (you can’t Google it). Or leave it so that it can be accessed by the Google search engine. Then select Publish.

Congratulations, your website or blog has been created successfully. To view it, open your blog URL in a browser by typing Here is an example from my blog Additional Menu on Google Site – Create a Blog on Google Site

There are several other menus that I think are still very important. The menu is in the form of settings next to settings. Here’s an explanation. 1. Navigation Menu or Blog – Create a Blog on Google Sites

Cara Membuat Blog Di Blogspot

For those still learning, this menu should be a disc. Unless you already have your own blog domain or your own website. For example,

Again, for starters, this menu is best left alone. Except for those who already understand about analytics. For those who already understand, please add your Google site to Google Analytics.6. Banner Ads – Create a blog on Google Sites

Google Site is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to create a website or blog. Because it can be tweaked easily without having to understand HTML or coding. You can get creative with Google’s website.

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Cara Membuat Blog Yang Menarik & Menghasilkan Cuan

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Hello my name is . I am the content creator, influencer and author of this blog. Don’t forget to follow us on Google News. Also join the Telegram channel for the latest news. Join Telegram OK Bestie! Blogger or Blogspot may be known as an old school blogging platform. This blogging platform is practically there

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