Cara Menghasilkan Uang Dari Wattpad

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Cara Menghasilkan Uang Dari Wattpad – Times have become more sophisticated so even money can be made through various mediums, one of which is Watpad. So how do you get paid from Wattpad?

For some people, Wattpad might just be a source of entertainment and education after a long day of studying or working. In fact, this one platform can also be used as a means to earn additional income.

Cara Menghasilkan Uang Dari Wattpad

Generally, the platform will pay contributors or people who contribute their writings to be read on Wattpad. Then, if the writing is widely read by Wattpad users, there will be a production house, also known as PH, which will turn the work into a movie. Interesting, right?

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Before we discuss further how you can earn money from Wattpad, let us first find out the frequently asked questions when you want to earn money through this platform.

Here are some frequently asked questions for Wattpad users who want to earn from the popular platform.

As a story writing platform or app, Wattpad allows contributors, pseudonymous authors, to earn income through the Paid Story feature. If you want to make money from Wattpad this way, of course you need to have a large number of readers with quality writing. This way, your work will go viral and it will be easier to pass the criteria for the job that PH is looking for.

Although many people claim that Wattpad can bring benefits in terms of money, it does not mean that everyone can make money from the app. The income mechanism obtained from Wattpad will work if a story on it can get many fans to like it. This is what will attract publishers or PHs to publish the work, both in print book and film form. The way to make money reading Wattpad is not real.

Cara Mendapatkan Uang Dari Wattpad

Currently, Wattpad readers can purchase Coin Packs through the app, so purchases cannot be made through the Wattpad website version. Coins on Wattpad can be used by readers to access stories on the site. Apart from that, you can also access the coin store when you reach the paywall in the paid stories. If you receive coins, your wallet balance will be updated so you can use them to unlock paid stories on Wattpad.

One of the famous Wattpad authors who started writing in 2017 is Eria Chuzaimah, or better known by her pen name Mia Chuz. The next author who is also popular on Wattpad is Cecillia Wangsadinata aka Cecil Wang. He is a content manager at the company Sidence, which is located in New York, United States of America. The next famous author is Wulan Fadila Fatia who has successfully completed 50 stories on Wattpad.

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As explained above, how to get money from Wattpad cannot be straightforward. You must first write a job, be consistent in uploading the job and then you can get results in the form of money. Here are some ways you can make money from Wattpad.

To increase the number of readers, you need to promote your Wattpad account so that many people read your work. The promotion can be done through social media by copying a writing link or a Wattpad social media account and then providing an interesting caption to read.

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How to? This method allows you to write stories for other authors whose number of followers or readers reached hundreds of thousands of people. Well, the author will usually look for a writer to continue their stories.

To become a famous Wattpad author and earn money from the platform, you need to do it consistently. By being consistent in creating stories and uploading them, readers will judge you as a highly anticipated writer. Especially if the type of story you’re doing is relatively rare, like horror or comedy.

This feature allows readers to pay a number of coins to gain access to the writing or work you create. However, you will get the opportunity if you already have a lot of followers and readers. The method is also very easy, just enable the Paid Stories feature in your Wattpad account.

Maybe the way to make money from Wattpad is not too difficult. In fact, if your writing is not interesting and you also rarely comment on other accounts, your name will not become popular easily. So be sure to make interesting stories, comment on other accounts often, and step up to promote your work and your Wattpad account.

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Besides an interesting title and story content, one of the things that makes many people want to read your work is to create an interesting cover. You can design a new cover in CorelDraw, Photoshop, or design apps like Canva and SparkPost.

Patreon is a third party that can raise money or earn money voluntarily from others. If readers are interested in reading an author’s work on Wattpad, they can reward them as much as they can through Patreon. The mechanism is almost identical to a PayPal account used for online shopping.

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If your work hasn’t gone viral and attracted publishers to publish it in book form, it’s time to do another business, which is getting your work to publishers. The way to get money from Wattpad can be a bit tricky. However, if you are consistent and patient in doing so, your efforts will definitely not be in vain.

There are many contests held on Wattpad. You can use this opportunity to earn money by winning the contest. Besides, if you manage to win a writing contest on Wattpad, you can also get new followers.

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So you can make information about how to get money from Wattpad. Apart from earning from Wattpad, you can also use other apps to earn income. For example, an investment app that can be used to invest in mutual funds with funds starting from just IDR 10,000.

Besides you can easily invest online, you can also get saving and investment tips from this app. To do this, download the application in the Play Store or App Store. Not infrequently, filmmakers would pursue these stories on Wattpad to become a film and generate profits for the authors.

After spending a whole day outside the house to do something like work, study, etc., one will surely become lazy and want to rest in their free time. Usually, in the free time, one fills the time with his Aches or pains.

One of the easy hobbies that you can do even when you are lazy is reading and writing. Not only do you need to provide pencils and books, now there are many applications that provide reading and writing capabilities to users. One of them is the Wattpad app.

Cara Menerbitkan Buku Dari Wattpad

Wattpad has become a platform that allows users to read or submit their written works in the form of articles, short stories, novels, poems and more. Thousands of Wattpad story titles ranging from happy to sad stories are published on the platform and sell well. Not infrequently, filmmakers pursue the stories on Wattpad to be made into a film and make a profit for the author.

Although not all stories on Wattpad can be easily monetized by receiving many readers and positive comments, many Wattpad authors have attracted publishing agents or filmmakers. For those of you who like to write, there is nothing wrong with starting to use Wattpad. This can be the first step in promoting your work. Who knows your writing will get attention and can hook the coffers of income.

Want to know how to monetize your Wattpad account? Here are seven ways to make money from Wattpad, rounded up from various sources on Friday (12/17).

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Before writing a story, you need to do some research first. The research is to find out who the target readers are for the story you are going to do. Considering that each reader is interested in different content, you must first decide what type of reader you will be targeting. Starting from teenagers, adults, gender, to the social issues they face. From the results of the research you do, you have a high chance of attracting the attention of readers.

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To achieve a goal, something consistent is needed in the process. In order for the Wattpad stories you write to make money, be consistent with your writing. For example, for a novel title, you might write a chapter a day or twice a week. Not only while writing, you also need to determine the writing style and grammar in the story you are creating.

Apart from the title, the cover of a novel is also the first thing that readers look at. To design a cover for a novel, you can use design websites available online such as Canva or you can also create it yourself through CorelDraw and Photoshop.

If you take your own photos and design independently, your cover will be different from others created by templates and stock photos.

Not everyone knows you write on Wattpad. And not everyone has downloaded Wattpad. So sharing your work on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will allow you to reach a wider audience.

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Wattpad is an app that earns money, specifically through its paid Story feature. To try this way of making money from Wattpad, you must already have a lot of readers along with good quality writing so that many readers will be interested in your story.

Wattpad Books helps publishers connect with authors and promote their work to a wider audience. If you want to be followed by the Wattpad Books editorial team, keep writing. As the number of readers increases, the greater the chance of being seen by the editorial team.

To monetize Wattpad, you can use Patreon. Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows fans (or customers) to pay and support artists for their work. Patreon has become the top choice for many content creators on various online platforms to monetize fans of their work.

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