Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst Jobs

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Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst Jobs – XOR Security is looking for a Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence Analyst to support its agency-level Focal Operations (FO) team at DHS. The FO program is part of Team Purple. It provides comprehensive computer network protection (CND) and response support by monitoring and analyzing potential threat activity targeting the organization. To support this critical mission, XOR personnel are at the forefront of providing advanced CND operations and systems engineering support. as well as developing advanced analytics and countermeasures to protect critical assets from hostile enemies. Threat intelligence analysts look for cyberthreats arising from day-to-day operations. and generates Cyber ​​Threat Analysis Reports (CTARS), a threat profile, for distribution to various stakeholders. This service consists of collecting and analyzing intelligence about cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. and to respond promptly and coordinated to such threats and vulnerabilities. Strong written and verbal communication skills are required. Suitable candidates will have a thorough understanding of cyberthreats and information security in terms of TTP, threat actors, campaigns and observables. Intrusion (HIDS/NIDS) Intrusion Analysis Security Information Event Management (SIEM) platforms, endpoint threat detection tools (e.g. EDR), and security action ticket management. Practice hunting even if it’s not open 24/7. But it is open 24/7.

Company responsibilities such as solution/proposal development company culture building Consultation for employees Supporting recruitment efforts is also essential. The program has a location requirement in Springfield, VA, of one or more days per week for all employees.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst Jobs

XOR Security offers a very competitive benefit package. This includes health insurance from the first day of employment, 401k plus company contract, holidays and additional insurance benefits.

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Selected applicants may be subject to government security authorizations and must meet eligibility requirements – US Citizenship and Top Secret are required!

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Cyber ​​Threat Analysts are cyber threat specialists who use analytical and technological skills to solve complex cyber threats. Comprehensive Reporting and notify the company of short-term and long-term security concerns. This work requires effort. Creativity, research and technical skills

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst Job Description

Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence Analysts analyze attackers from all sources to exploit corporate information networks. sensitive infrastructure and cyber interests to identify, monitor, analyze, and respond to threats posed by global or local cyber players.

The cyber world is uncertain and the human factor is very important. Because any cyber defense strategy, product or AI technology can stop the enemy to some extent. Understanding the world of hackers and their motivations Conducting research into the causes of cyber attacks can only be done by those educated in emotional intelligence and technical security. That’s why CTI analysts are important to all types of organizations.

In general CTI analysts track down hackers using social media posts. Website/Forum and/or dark web to see how they write, speak, and respond to events to understand more about them Analysts need to do this to understand their opponents’ strategies, techniques and processes. Understanding the tactics, techniques, and procedures of harassers can help you predict their activities. In addition, understanding the intent and potential of harassers allows CTI analysts to respond appropriately and mitigate the impact in cases. where the attack occurred

Much of this work consists of analyzing the threats facing organizations and writing accurate reports. They need to pay attention to find signs of compromise (IoC) and investigate further and deeper. from their analysis CTI analysts help other teams In organizations, better business decisions can be made to protect the organization and its day-to-day business operations.

Sr. Threat Intelligence Analyst In Sydney

When looking for a Cyber ​​Threat Analysis Analyst position. You should be professional and have solid knowledge. CTI analysts are expected to have in-depth knowledge and practical experience in the following technical areas:

Gathering cyberthreat intelligence can often be technically challenging if done correctly. A good analyst should be able to determine what is right or wrong instantly. This requires extensive technical and cybersecurity knowledge.

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Many Intel on Surface and Dark Web are available in multiple languages. Analysts must be aware of the language, jargon and terminology used by their opponents. Unfortunately, the automatic translation service is not good enough. Because analysts need to know who to talk to. How to fit into a virtual environment without arousing suspicion?

Since CTI is a major customer of a financial organization Analysts need to have an understanding of finance, such as how the SWIFT network works to detect credit card fraud. how cybercriminals make money from them etc.

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CTI analysts have to analyze a lot of data. This requires specialized expertise in analyzing, correlating, interacting and classifying data sets quickly and efficiently.

The geopolitical situation has a huge impact on the internet domain. Analysts sometimes need to look at international relations, current affairs, world history, etc. in order to understand, analyze and evaluate data.

CTI analysts can share findings, recommendations and action items in reports that simplify results. so that even non-technical personnel can understand and evaluate

Although many people think they are competent enough to start their lives as cyber threat intelligence analysts. But this task is undoubtedly very challenging. Because it requires good programming and language skills. as well as excellent observation abilities Individuals with the right mix are therefore difficult to find.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence market solutions and services are deployed across a number of vertical sectors such as government and defense, banking, financial services, insurance, IT, telecommunications, healthcare, retail, transportation, electricity, utilities, manufacturing, educational services, etc. Threat Intelligence Market Expected to Grow by $5.3 Billion $12.9 billion in 2018 through 2023. Demand for threat intelligence analysts is growing as proactive threat intelligence strategies ensure protection against emerging cyberthreats. All these statistics show how much cyberthreat analysts will need them in the near future.

Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (C|TIA) was designed and developed in collaboration with cybersecurity and threat intelligence experts worldwide. To help organizations identify and mitigate business risks by turning unknown internal and external threats into known threats. This is a comprehensive expert-level program that teaches you a structured approach to developing effective threat intelligence.

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This is a specific and recognized certification for CTI analysts only. Obtaining a certification such as Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (C|TIA) will definitely prepare you for the job. But that’s not enough.

Also support certified analysts who are passionate about complex special cases to provide the best possible support to their clients. Analysts enhance their theoretical and particle knowledge in the best possible way by obtaining certificates recognized by international forums. They act as quickly as possible and support their customers with the best comparable problem analysis. Want to enter the world of cybersecurity and find a job? If so, you’re in luck. There are many job opportunities for those who want to get involved in cybersecurity. And the truth is that demand is growing rapidly. however, as the world increasingly relies on digital solutions. The demand for it grew more and more. And it’s not hard for people like you to play a role in protecting businesses from outside attacks.

Cyber Threat Intelligence (c.t.i)

Now, if you are specifically looking for a Threat Intelligence Analyst job. Or want to hire talent for your company? You should know the skills That makes great analysts earn well-paying positions. We will share with you the skills that make a great threat intelligence analyst:

Given that you need to know things like encryption, applications, protection, intrusion detection, system administration, and more, these are the prerequisites to become a threat intelligence analyst. If you find that you lack any technical ability, you will need to study the relevant subject to acquire the skill. Keep in mind that your work will mostly involve network monitoring and the like. So make sure you have the skills to do so.

No matter what line of work you are in Communication is an important skill.

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