How To Become A Probation Officer In California

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“There is a real opportunity for women to grow in the ministry,” said Llerena. “It can be anything you want it to be – if you work for it, there are many possibilities.”

How To Become A Probation Officer In California

Last year, Llerena was promoted to Probation Agent III, overseeing a unit in the South Coast District and providing training as a range safety officer. He started his career in 2007 and has been steadily rising.

Adult Probation Department

Llerena studied sociology at university and thought she could pursue a career as a lawyer. Instead, he found his true career in law enforcement. He started at the Orange County Probation Department and then moved on to parole.

“It was everything I was looking for — social work and criminal justice,” Llerena said. “I can provide guidance and direction, help families and work with community members.”

She recalls one particularly gratifying case where she worked with a young mother who had a history of domestic violence and was given a fresh start through community programs and job placement. “Years later, I was at Target and he came up and thanked me. His life was completely different. He remarried and successfully raised his daughter.”

The challenges of navigating a male-dominated profession, especially in the early days. Without many mentors and resources, Llerena advised herself to always remain a professional and confident model. He learned that empathy and patience are important tools. When parolees were more comfortable, they were more likely to communicate and cooperate.

Probation K 9 Unit By Supervising Probation Officer Phil Lozano

Llerena was among a very small number of female instructors and became a “powerhouse” of her work, said Maryann Osbourne, who mentored Llerena for five years. Osbourne said he was perhaps most impressed by Llerena’s generosity with her time.

“He is a true leader who has taken the time to translate his success into training employees and developing other future leaders,” Osbourne said. “And he was always in charge of extracurricular activities, whether it was fundraising for the Special Olympics or a toy drive.”

Finding a balance between work and family was also a priority. Llerena said she was lucky to have the support of her family and was able to raise the bar for success while being active in her children’s school and sports. When her children were young, she didn’t tell them the details of what she did for a living, but as they got older, they watched her career progress with pride.

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“They see me going out in the early morning shower with my clothes on and they understand the dangers,” he said. “They understand that I work to help people and keep our community safe.” The San Diego County Probation Department is an organization of highly qualified individuals whose shared mission is to protect public safety while supporting our clients to get their lives back. family and society. Our team of over a thousand San Diegans balances support and accountability in service delivery. We offer probation officers a competitive salary, excellent county benefits and a variety of career opportunities to develop and grow their skills. Join us at the San Diego County Probation Department and help make a real difference in your community.

Probation Officer’s Life Mirrors Juvenile Justice Transformation

There are also many administrative and support positions. Find descriptions and compensation information for all probationary jobs. We also employ student workers and interns.

You have to apply online on the Human Resources job posting website. Call 858-514-3148 for more information.

Assistant Corrections Officer I (CDPO) is the department’s entry-level peace officer position. CDPO activities in children’s correctional institutions. They have limited peace officer status and usually work late nights and weekends.

Officers of this department are peace officers as defined in Section 830 of the California Penal Code and are required to follow the guidelines and work standards established by the Commission on Peace Officer Training and Standards (POST) and the provisions of Sections 1029 and 1031 of the California Government Code. established to implement. STC’s Selection and Training Code and the standards contained in Title 15, Chapter 100-358, California Code.

Out Of Prison But Still Not Free

Applicants must be 21 years of age at the time of visit. They must be a US citizen or in the process of becoming a US citizen. This position may require carrying a firearm and meeting certification requirements.

Assistant Probation Officer (DPO) is a driving level position in the DPO grade range. DPOs handle professional cases for both youth and adult clients, mentor clients and participate in institutional treatment and counseling teams.

Applicants must be 21 years of age and a US citizen or becoming a US citizen at the time of visit. This position may require carrying a firearm and meeting certification requirements.

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The Probation Student Worker program offers full-time college students the opportunity to work with youth or adults in an institutional or community setting. Student workers must be 18 years old. Night and weekend hours are available at the facility. Students can work 20 hours a week. To apply, visit job postings.

Department Of Criminal Justice Education And Training

The Probation Internship Program offers internships to local college students who choose to intern in a criminal justice setting. This is a great opportunity for students to gain the experience and skills needed to develop a career working with adults and young people in this sector. Trainees must commit at least 190 hours. All interns must be referred by an educational institution. To apply, go to Jobs. This Probation Week, we honor life changes that offer opportunity, hope, help and testing accountability. We are excited to highlight this story and hear through the words of our clients how experienced, experienced professionals are successfully addressing the trauma and other needs of the people they serve through the service connection to enhance safety and recovery. do – create sustainable safety in Estonia. the communities we serve.

Officer Goolsby has been with the Napa County Probation Department for over 20 years and has extensive experience in both the adult and juvenile departments. For the past six years, he has been working as the coordinator of the Cognitive Behavioral Program (“Cog”). He is also an experienced facilitator and is well known among probation staff and clients for his passion and commitment to the rehabilitation and success of probation clients. He is responsible for the tremendous success of the Cog program throughout the Napa County Probation Department. He plans classes for the entire year and is tireless to ensure recommendations are made and classes are well attended.

At the end of each group, customers complete a survey and the feedback is very positive, with many customers automatically referring to another group.

Below is the reaction of one of the environmental group’s graduates, and is just one of many life stories that have been improved by the opportunities and responsibilities that California probation offers.

Manufacturing An Issue: The Case Of Probation Officer Training

I have been in Napa on and off probation since 1995. The irony for me personally is that I spent the first half of my life in school preparing for a career in criminal justice/justice and the second half in Napa on probation. Some people have asked me why I continue to be in Napa, where I am known by law. But I tell them that’s why I’m staying.

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You see, I have bipolar disorder and my stay in Napa has provided me with support and evidence-based treatment that actually works. Instead of prison, I was given a chance at rehabilitation. I took this opportunity and took it very seriously. I treat my probation as if I were going to work or school.

I think I’ve done almost every program Napa testing has to offer. In 2007 I was ordered to attend drug court; I did very well, but two years later I relapsed. But I didn’t give up. I was given drug court again, finished it within a year and am still clean and sober today.

During the same period that I was in drug court, I was also assigned to BI/GEO, which is a long and intensive behavioral intervention program. Although the program was not pleasant, I decided to use the help I was given to show that I was worthy and grateful to the county for not just locking me up.

Santa Barbara County Probation Completes Successful Operation Safe At Home

Although I have excellent health care and family support, I had a manic episode last year that resulted in threatening and violent behavior from my wife. Even though my family and wife knew I had no intent to harm, the criminal charges were enough to send me to jail if the county chose to do so. Instead, I was given my biggest opportunity yet – mental health court and domestic violence classes. When I was in prison last year, I thought my life was basically over.

Today, mostly because of the mental health court, I am happy and back where I want to be in life.

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