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How To Get Into Security Contracting – Ukrainian military personnel prepare to fire US M777 howitzers at Russian positions in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine on July 14, 2022. The supply of Western weapons, including several American HIMARS rocket launchers, has significantly increased the capabilities of the Ukrainian military, allowing them to target Russia is removing munitions, bridges and other critical facilities with precision and impunity. (AP Photo/Georgini Malolitica, file)

WASHINGTON – Senate-passed bipartisan legislation would give the Pentagon wartime procurement powers, allowing it to use multi-year contracts to help Ukraine fight Russia and replenish US stockpiles. Take large amounts of critical ammunition.

How To Get Into Security Contracting

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. Jack Reid (D-R.I.) and ranking member Sen. Jim Inhoe (R-Okla.) offered the bill as an amendment to the annual Defense Authorization Act that the Senate expects to pass. Voted in November, it was proposed to replace a critical munitions acquisition fund that the Pentagon and some lawmakers wanted for similar purposes before Senate appropriators rejected it.

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The amendment, the text of which was released last week, proposes multi-year orders normally reserved for Navy ships and large aircraft. Under the legislation, it would allow the Pentagon to stop buying certain munitions from Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Technologies, BAE Systems and Kongsberg Defense and Aerospace during the 2023 and 2024 fiscal years, a move that would Encourage manufacturers to expand production lines. Ammunition they want. .

The Pentagon would be allowed to work with NATO to buy bulk weapons for its members, and for contracts related to Ukraine, the legislation would ease a number of key legal restrictions on Pentagon procurement through the 2024 budget — a Widespread lawmakers see the outbreak of war. . .

A senior congressional aide told Defense News that the bill is intended to encourage the Pentagon and industry to act more aggressively not only by removing bureaucratic hurdles facing Russia, but also on Taiwan. There is also the possibility of a clash with China. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press.

“Whether you want to call it a wartime agreement or an emergency agreement, we can’t play anymore,” the aide said. “We can’t afford to buy these munitions at a minimum sustainable interest rate. It’s hard to think of something as high on anyone’s list as buying tons of munitions for the next few years, our defense against China. For operational plans, and continuity of supplies to Ukraine.

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If the language becomes law, the Department of Defense would be allowed to make non-competitive awards to arms manufacturers for contracts related to Ukraine. An idea proposed by Sen. Jane Shahin, D-N.H. and 13 other senators.

The Inhofe-Reed amendment would also allow emergency procurement officials to be designated for emergency operations and waive the requirement that contractors submit certified cost and price data, a safeguard that helps the Pentagon pay fair prices.

The move comes amid criticism from Capitol Hill and the defense industry that the Pentagon is moving too slowly. The Pentagon announced on September 20 that of the $6 billion Congress had appropriated for Ukraine this year, $1.2 billion was allocated to the Defense Department, and only $1.5 billion to In exchange for the 12.5 billion dollars allocated by the United States of America for the delivery of weapons to Ukraine, it was announced on September 20.

“It’s an attempt to speed up contracts,” said Mark Kancian, a defense budget analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “We’ve heard from industry when we talk about this that they want to see a signal of demand. The Department of Defense has said the right things, but they haven’t asked for it. And if you look at the actual amount of money, it’s very little. is

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One purpose of the legislative change is to signal to the defense industry that it is time to restart or restart inactive power lines. Lockheed CEO Jim Ticklet said during an earnings call in July that the Pentagon has yet to contract or coordinate with industry to buy more supplies, which could be two to three years away. catch “And I can tell you that the clutch hasn’t engaged yet,” Ticklett said.

While the defense industry is likely to welcome the legislation, Julia Gildell, a defense analyst at the Center for Government Oversight Defense Intelligence Project, a nonpartisan watchdog group, said Monday that Congress should limit defense spending. Leave the place.

“Aid to Ukraine should not be another way for contractors to hurt the Pentagon, waste taxpayer dollars and undermine the purpose of the aid: to support the people of Ukraine,” Gildell said. “But this change will further weaken already weak protections to prevent military companies from raising prices.”

Ukraine attack prompts Congress to take another look at Patriot missile defense needs Lawmakers are asking the military to reexamine its Patriot battery and interception requirements amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Concerned about the limitations on the US defense industrial base imposed by the munitions production restrictions to supplement US supplies to Ukraine, Congress appropriated $600 million in funding for the Defense Production Act this year. Part of the money is for the purpose of developing the domestic capacity and investing in the domestic production of strategic and important materials.

The Senate Armed Services Committee authorized $2.7 billion for future ammunition production when advancing the FY23 NDAA in June. And while multi-year contracting agencies can save the Department of Defense money on munitions acquisitions under annual contracts, they can add billions of dollars a year to the defense budget in discretionary spending—annually in Congress. Controversial debate.

The House NDAA, which passed 329-101 in July, includes very limited ammunition acquisition funding that House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Offered as an amendment by Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash. The change will only apply to high-demand ammunition delivered to Ukraine and its European neighbors.

The amount of weapons awarded for contracts to supply Ukraine includes 750,000 XM1128 and XM1123 rounds for the 155 mm cannon; 1,000 howitzers M777; 700 M142 high-mobility artillery rocket systems and 100,000 guided multiple launch rocket systems.

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But that’s well above what the US needs to replenish supplies sent to Ukraine. For example, it is awarding contracts for 20,000 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and 25,000 Javelin anti-tank missiles. That’s more than the roughly 1,400 Stingers and 5,500 Javelins the U.S. has sent to Ukraine from its stockpile so far.

“These numbers are much bigger than just holding back,” Keynesian said. “These are big numbers, they are not based on what we have given to Ukraine, they are related to what we have given to Ukraine.

“It doesn’t replace what we gave them,” he added. “This is to stockpile for a major land war in the future. This is not the list you use for China. We will have a very different list for China.

The amendment also authorizes the purchase of 30,000 AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. 36,000 AGM-179 combined air-to-ground missiles. 1,000 Harpoon missiles; 800 cruise missiles; and advanced capability of 10,000 Patriot-3 air defense systems and 6,000 MGM-140 military tactical missile systems.

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The proposed legislation also authorizes contracts for 20,000 AIM-120 advanced intermediate-range air-to-air missiles, which Ukraine has not fired extensively — if at all. Britain announced last week that it would give the AMRAAM missiles to Kiev for use in Norway’s advanced surface-to-air missile system, which the US has promised to provide in the future through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative.

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To this end, the law aims to facilitate joint production of weapons systems with NATO allies. For example, the proposed legislation would also allow for the sharing of large-caliber cannon designs that Canciani said were developed by Britain.

In a separate provision that would allow major arms purchases between the United States and NATO, the amendment would expand NATO’s current powers to cover logistical support, such as major fuel purchases, to include any acquisitions. The idea is that the U.S. and allies can pool resources for artillery and other weapons and potentially save on joint procurement costs.

European countries are focused on increasing the production capacity of the defense industry to meet the future needs of the countries and fill the supplies sent to Ukraine.

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When US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was in Brussels last week, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance had decided to increase its stockpile of ammunition and equipment – and to speed up the delivery of aid to Ukraine.

As allies draw up their reserves for more Ukraine aid, “it is important that we also increase production,” Stoltenberg said, adding that NATO’s emerging plans would ensure long-term demand for the industry. Production needs to increase.

Austin chaired a meeting of Ukraine’s donor nations in Brussels, where defense chiefs discussed how to continue supplying Ukraine “in difficult months and years” and “strengthen our industrial base so that Ukraine can Start producing systems for defense, even if it is.” to meet their security needs.”

Last week in Washington, the head of the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency, James Hirsch, predicted that US arms sales will continue.

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