Responsibilities Of Chief Operating Officer

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Responsibilities Of Chief Operating Officer – At Etsy, COO Linda Kozlowski led the international expansion, consolidated and began to improve her marketing plans, began to define the company’s brand, launched new communication strategies, and began to incorporate user feedback into product development—all within six months. While others may

Admiring his abilities, he immediately mentioned the plan developed by general manager Chad Dickerson. He not only outlined how his unique work will make a difference to Etsy clients, but also how his role will fit with other members of the leadership team, especially Dickerson. This explanation paid off.

Responsibilities Of Chief Operating Officer

Kozlowski belongs to a new group of COOs who use cross-functional knowledge to create systems that improve the entire company. At companies such as Evernote and Alibaba, he has held leadership roles in global expansion, marketing, public relations, customer service and business development. Decades of experience have shown him not only the components that make each part work, but also how they can be combined to create a successful startup.

Chief Executive Job Description Template

In his first meeting with the CEO, Kozlowski reveals the role of secrecy in senior management. It shows why and how companies should run their core business, and how to find the right COO for you. Kozlowski reveals what a project manager does (and doesn’t do) to set the stage for the success of any startup.

Startups usually wait a long time before hiring a leader due to a misunderstanding of the role. This is more reflective of what other senior management roles do: the CMO leads marketing, while the CTO oversees development. But with the operating director, everything is not so obvious. Even a quick Google search for the description leaves a lot to be desired: “CEO who manages the day-to-day operations of the company.” But don’t operations have their own operations team, such as sales and marketing?

“We are all familiar with technology operations, but COO really stands for business operations: how you manage your business, think strategically, and drive business growth,” says Kozlowski. “The role of COO is cultural for every company and requires a deep understanding of the CEO and founder in order to demonstrate the skills and qualities they need in their partners,” he said.

Check to find your partner. If your executive team were a film crew, your director and COO would be the director and producer. “Your COO needs to complement the CEO and other members of the executive team if you have a chance to truly transform your organization,” says Kozlowski. “The required skills will be different for every company, management team and business class. My strengths lie in evaluating companies that make a real impact on the world through operations, marketing and customer experience. I work closely with the CEO, who has the technical knowledge of my strategy, and I can help work on the ground as we enter the market. But for each company, it will be different depending on the stage and group of members of the management team, and it will change as you grow. Be ready to accept and meet your needs. ”

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Job Titles: The Definitive Guide

Finding the right candidate requires deep understanding and what Kozlowski calls Self Care 301: the first lesson in identifying your strengths and weaknesses and thinking carefully about how those qualities affect the way you run your business. Ask yourself these questions to determine the qualities you need in a COO.

What am I drawn to? You are happy, natural and doing a great job. Write it down. Certainly. Go back to them and see how they organize and manage your day.

Why am I late? We all have pending things in our inbox or on our to-do list that we put off or say to ourselves, “I’ll do it tomorrow” but never do. You may not have enough time, but perhaps there is a skill gap that you need to acknowledge. Make a list of when this happens to you and see if it’s the quality and ability of your COO.

What would I like to know and love? Of the things you slow down or just skip, what would you like to have a better rule or relationship for? Over time, you will get used to these areas and reach for them, but in the short term, you need to find ways to develop them. Your COO should act as your mentor.

How To Become A Chief Operations Officer

Answer these three questions for yourself. It is unlikely that another co-founder or partner has worked with you at every stage of your life. This way you are the best judge of what you enjoy doing and what you need to improve. Once you find the answers to these questions, Kozlowski encourages you to register others as decks. It can be your team, managers and investors, mentors, partners or senior coaches. “Don’t make them think and don’t come up with too many explanations. Ask them verbally or in writing to reflect on who you are, your role, and where you need to grow,” Kozlowski said.

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“There is a caveat when you ask your management, board of directors and investors for feedback on what you need to improve. As a CEO, especially in a small company, you have probably worked tirelessly to present yourself and demonstrate your leadership in order to get people to trust and invest in you.” Kozlowski. “Now is not the time to pretend you know everything. You want candor, not echo. Ask for feedback and then shut up. Thanks for everything you’ve done.”

Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle where your COO will fill in the missing pieces to complete the leadership team.

Change and choose your balance. Now that you know what you need, you can start looking for the best COO to help you scale your company. According to

Sample Chief Operating Officer Job Description Download Printable Pdf

The fact is that there are seven types of working managers. Given that the COO must complement the CEO and founder, you may need to juggle roles to find the best partner for you.

He said: “I’m a different part of the leader, it’s a natural type. The leaders I’ve worked with tend to have additional skills compared to me. In some ways, our abilities are better than their own,” Kozlowski said. company, I can get the plan implemented. For another CEO who did business in the US, I bring significant global experience. ”

Of course, there are different COOs. “You can look for Legacy – obviously someone you are training to become a CEO. Or, if you’re a small business, perhaps the best option is an experienced consultant who can share wisdom and help guide the business. Kozlovsky. “There is no perfect formula and most COOs are a combination of two or three types. The right COO for your company depends on what skills the CEO lacks and what skills they need to develop – this is especially true for younger CEOs,” he said.

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Find candidates in unexpected places. Do not associate your feelings only with MBA graduates or former financiers. Kozlowski spent nearly two decades in PR and communications before moving on to marketing and Alibaba. “It was great because the skills I developed before were right for the role: anticipate problems, communicate a clear vision, understand what to ask next, and how to stay out of trouble when things go wrong,” he says. “I rely on this skill every day as a COO. Don’t reduce search parameters at the beginning,” he said.

Chief Operating Officer, Legal Officer

Regardless of the type of COO you need, there are certain characteristics that should not be discussed with the COO. Here are five things you should develop when evaluating candidates for a role:

Faith. There’s a reason the term is so relevant to business, but it’s especially important in the relationship between the CEO and COO, given how closely they need to coordinate when making decisions. “You can’t do business with someone who is supposed to be another part of you if you don’t have a real relationship. Dot. It’s not just about trusting their abilities and abilities, it’s also about being clear about what they’re about to screw up. with you, doing my part of the job and covering my back at the same time,” Kozlowski said. “The question is whether there is this ability to trust each other when we are just starting out. A new COO, like a new employee, will want to demonstrate how he manages every aspect of his new job. But don’t forget to use the guide as a solid guide for making the toughest decisions early on. Come with options, wisdom and ideas, but also vulnerability and ask for real ideas. It’s not a chance to come together during a difficult decision, but it does show that you believe that two heads are better than one in a relationship. ”

Completion confirmed.

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